Torrey Meister

Age: 28
Residence: Haleiwa, HI. USA
Sponsors: O’Neill, Sanuk, OAM surfing accessories, Vertra Suncare, Val Surf

Height: 6’
Weight: 165 lbs
Stance: Regular

Social Media:
Blog site:
Facebook: Visit Torrey’s Facebook
Twitter: @tmeister808
Instragram: @torreymeister

Recent Competitive Highlights:
– 2016 3rd place WSL Vans World
– 2016 9th place WSL Vans US Open of Surfing
– 2016 9th place WSL Volcom Pipe Pro
– 2014 WSL Qualifying Series Final Ratings 31st
– 2014 Reef Hawaiian Pro 7th place
– 2014 Mr Price Pro 9th place
– 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro 7th place
– 2013 Cold Water Classic – 1st place

Recent Media Coverage:

– 2016 Surfing Magazine Oct, July, May, Feb issues
– 2016 Surfer Magazine Oct, July, June, April,    March issues
– 2016 Free Surf Magazine V13N5
– 2016
– 2015 Surfing magazine Sept issue
– 2015 Surfing magazine Aug issue
– 2015 Surfer mag Sept issue
– 2015 Surfer mag Sept issue COVER
– 2015 Surfer magazine Aug issue
– 2015 Surfer magazine July issue

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Torrey Meister, aka the Happy Hawaiian, is an explosive surfer that’s as entertaining to watch as he is to be around. Torrey’s positive attitude shines through in both his surfing as well as his demeanor on land, bringing smiles and aloha wherever he goes.

Raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Torrey has grown up surfing every size and shape wave imaginable, from 1-foot to 10-foot and beyond. His searing speed and tail-high aerial maneuvers combine for a lethal combination, making him a standout in any situation. His comfort zone is as deep as his bag of tricks, and Torrey often brings his small-wave aerial repertoire to the big stuff.

As an active advocate of the Surfrider Foundation, Torrey promotes environmental awareness throughout the islands of Hawaii, as well as Southern California. He also works closely with the Maui Ola Foundation and Wounded Warriors. Torrey’s explosive surfing ability and charitable mindset exemplifies what the surfing world needs more of.


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